Tater Hog Swimbaits

Bryan New talks about his favorite big swimbait in this video. Very quality bait that we will likely review down the road.

Finesse Swimbaits

By Andrew Owens Fishing from the back can be difficult at times and all co-anglers together have the same goal in mind-get five keeper bites. A limit goes a long way from the back of the boat and one of the best ways to fill a limit is through finesse techniques. One technique that I […]

4 Reaction Baits Every Angler Needs For Submerged Grass

As Co Anglers, we are often faced with fishing situations that we wouldn’t necessarily prefer. Sometimes your boater can cover a lot of water in a hurry, and trying to finesse up a bite can be difficult. That is when you need to pick up a bait that you can keep moving and make hundreds […]

A Western Take on Swimbaits as a Co

By Colby Pearson Becoming a consistently successful co-angler takes a large amount of adaptability, focus, and drive. A seasoned co-angler is, at some point or another, faced with various angling adversities, whether it is a pattern that isn’t necessarily conducive to fishing from the back seat, or the overwhelming task of picking off fish behind […]