Go-To Baits for Ledge Fishing – Braxton Setzer

After the spawning season is over, the bass are getting ready to leave the shallow water on a lot of lakes. As these fish move out, so do our Pro’s who are running the boat. While different boaters may try different strategies, a lot of them are going to head to the ledges, especially on TVA Lakes. […]

Deep Presentations From The Back

By Andrew McClintock (See website here and Facebook page here) Fishing deep from the back can be a challenge for Co-Anglers depending on how they look at and approach the situation. We are not just along for the ride hoping to get a bite; we are there to compete as well. That is why it […]

Setzer Wins Pickwick Tour Event

The FLW Tour made its fifth stop of the year at Pickwick Lake, AL from June 5th-8th. Braxton Setzer of Auburn, Alabama, bested the Co-Angler field with a three day total of 51 lbs 7 oz. We interviewed him to find out more about his victory, and here is what he had to say… FTB: Tell […]

Adam Tucker’s Tips for Success

Fishing as a co angler can be very fun, but also very challenging. You can learn so much from fishing with different boaters and watching how they fish and what different techniques they use. Watching my boater has helped me in countless tournaments. I have learned to always watch where the boater casts, and if […]

Jason Johnson on Finesse Fishing

-By Jason Johnson- First thing I can say to any co angler or anyone thinking about becoming a co angler, is to show your boater RESPECT and he will give it back to you 10 folds! The best compliment I can get is “you’ve been the best co angler I’ve ever drawn.” I’m fortunate to […]