Tackle-Limitations and Preparations by Destin DeMarion

We all see the big bass being held up on stage and the cheers of the fans, but do we all know what truly goes on behind the scenes to make that happen?  There are hours upon hours of preparation, tournament study, and careful planning.  As bass fishermen, we are inherently “tackle junkies.”  We are […]

Prepping for the Cup with Jonathan Henry

By: Jonathan Henry So I was just looking on FLW’s website, and saw that they had the list of qualifiers posted for the Forrest Wood Cup. Receiving the email and seeing my name on the website really solidifies the great feeling of accomplishment. Although it may be a bigger deal for the boaters to make […]

Q&A with Lake of the Ozarks BFL Champion Brandon Patterson

The Ozark Division FLW Bass Fishing League series made its second stop of the year at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. A good friend of ours claimed the first place spot as a co angler. See how he did it below. FTB: Tell us a little about the weather and conditions of the tournament. Brandon: […]

Words of Wisdom from FLW Tour Co Robert Hicks

An open mind and a closed mouth… This is what helps me out of the back of the boat. I have been blessed to have several mentors in this sport. When I decided to fish as a Co, I sat down with a good friend Ott Defoe and picked his brain on what he expected out of […]

Catching Fish Clean – Patrick Bone

A lot of people may wonder how co anglers catch fish behind some of the best pros in the business. I would like to share with you what has worked for me. The absolute most important thing is to fish your pro clean. Casting to the front or trying to beat the pro to his intended […]