The Rod Condom

I recently received two rod covers made by The Rod Condom LLC to review. First impressions were great-they felt tough, yet light and flexible. After slipping them over my rods, I noticed they were also very tight-fitting, which is preferable for me so my equipment doesn’t tangle, whether in the rod locker, on the deck, or wherever […]

Maximizing Fishing Time – Bryan New

By: Bryan New As a co angler, most of the major decisions are out of your control. You have to fish the water the boater wants to fish, you are positioned where the boater positions you, and you have no idea where you will go next. On top of all of this, you are fishing […]

Less is More

By Wyatt Hammond “Less is more” is a philosophy that I have begun to lean on pretty heavily after looking back on a string of particularly bad tournaments that I experienced last year. I was bringing seven to eight rods to each tournament and spent much of the days digging through my boxes changing lures […]