Fishing Kayak for ONLY $400?!

My First Kayak Tournament?

I wanted to share my recent experience with you… A kayak fishing tournament! Check it out below…

Picking A Fishing Kayak

Launch, Troll, Land – Bryan Tena

BTB (Beyond the Breakers) When some people think of kayak fishing, they often do not consider the potential for going offshore and chasing large fish species. Many folks still relate kayak fishing to an inshore, lake and small pond, or river venture. There is a growing subsect of kayak anglers, however, who beg to differ. […]

5 Reasons to Start Kayak Fishing in the Off-season

By Randy Newton It’s not by chance that you have started looking into kayak fishing. Either you know someone already active in the sport, or you have seen the popularity of the sport increasing. You may have also tuned into the fact that kayak fishing is much more affordable than buying a boat, saving you […]

NEW SEGMENT! Fishing The Yak

Attention Fishing The Back fans, I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new segment to the site – Fishing The Yak! As the name suggests, this will be an informative bass fishing segment directed at the Kayak Angler. Just like FTB, we will deliver you with articles, reviews, recaps, and much more fun content.  […]