Potomac River Recap – Destin DeMarion

The Northern FLW Rayovac Series made its first stop at the Potomac River from June 19-21. Fishing The Back Contributor, Destin DeMarion, had another great tournament with a 2nd place finish. We called him up to find out more about his tournament, and what other co anglers could learn from it. Check it out below… […]

Offshore Grass with Jordan Lee

As summer starts, and the aquatic vegetation grows, bass start to move off the bank and towards open water structure and cover. Offshore grass can be one of the best places to look for hungry bass. After speaking with Jordan Lee, we learned some important strategies for co anglers to employ the next time they […]

Ish’s Poppin’ Phattie

Specifications: Length: Body-2.75 inches Nose to tail-5 inches Weight: 5/8 oz. Hook: Gamakatsu EWG 4/0 double hooks First Impressions: The Ish’s Poppin Phattie has an innovative design to it with its unique cupped head. Upon taking it out of the package and handling the frog, I noticed the soft body that is sure to collapse […]