How to Fish the Ned Rig – Video

FLW Rayovac Grand Lake Recap

By Steven Meador I recently competed in my first FLW Rayovac series tournament, which took place at Grand Lake, Oklahoma on April 16-18. This tournament was not a great one for Co-Anglers because the majority of the Pros were targeting bedding fish. With that being said, I was fortunate enough to walk away with a […]

Finesse Swimbaits

By Andrew Owens Fishing from the back can be difficult at times and all co-anglers together have the same goal in mind-get five keeper bites. A limit goes a long way from the back of the boat and one of the best ways to fill a limit is through finesse techniques. One technique that I […]

Fishing A Finesse Grub

By Alex Kolody Presented by Lunkerbite TV You may think a finesse grub only works in certain areas of the lake- more of an open water and weed-line type technique? You are only partially correct. You can throw a finesse grub just about anywhere you want in the country, and in about any situation. All you […]

Drop Shot, A Co’s Best Friend – Jason Johnson

The sissy stick, the fairy wand- well what I call it is a money maker! Obviously, I’m talking about the finesse fishing game with light spinning equipment. Whether fishing from the front or back, the drop shot is my number one presentation, and if you don’t throw one too, you’re leaving money on the table! […]

Finessing Ledges with Mark Horton

Mark Horton of Nicholasville, Kentucky has spent his fair share of time on ledges. Through his experience, he has found that there are times where finessing the ledges is the best way to get bit, especially behind a pro. Check out the tips he gives in this week’s article! A couple of weeks ago, I […]

Five Go-To Finesse Baits with Marc Henderson

By: Marc Henderson Everyone’s got there certain baits that they rely on. My go-to bait when I need a big kicker fish is a livetarget frog. However, when the bite is tough, that just isn’t gonna get you a limit! So you have to downsize your gear and baits, and fish slow. If your like […]

Bryan New: Lake Eufaula Co Angler Champion

Bryan New recently won the FLW Tour event on Lake Eufaula as a co angler. We called him up to get the inside scoop on how he did it. Here is what he had to say… FTB: Tell us a little about the weather and conditions of the tournament. BN: During practice and throughout the first […]

Jason Johnson on Finesse Fishing

-By Jason Johnson- First thing I can say to any co angler or anyone thinking about becoming a co angler, is to show your boater RESPECT and he will give it back to you 10 folds! The best compliment I can get is “you’ve been the best co angler I’ve ever drawn.” I’m fortunate to […]