Summer Dock Fishing Tips for Co’s

By Mike Mueller Dock fishing for a Co-Angler in the summer provides a special set of challenges, but if you know how to approach this situation with a clear head and a good mental attitude, you can be successful even behind the best dock fishermen. The first thing to understand are the types of docks that […]

High Rock Lake Recap – Nick Leonard

By Nick Leonard I guess we can call this a post tournament summary as well as a lesson that I learned this past weekend fishing the ABA Weekend Series Regional Championship held at High Rock Lake in North Carolina. I wasn’t able to get time away from Wieda’s Marine located in Northern Kentucky to practice […]

4 Reaction Baits Every Angler Needs For Submerged Grass

As Co Anglers, we are often faced with fishing situations that we wouldn’t necessarily prefer. Sometimes your boater can cover a lot of water in a hurry, and trying to finesse up a bite can be difficult. That is when you need to pick up a bait that you can keep moving and make hundreds […]