Boyles to go Pro in 2015

For the past couple of decades, Mike Boyles has fished from the front and back of the boat in everything from  Heartland Pro-Ams and Elites to the FLW Tour as a Co-Angler (on and off). After taking some time off fishing in his early 20’s, he’s been hit-and-miss depending on his income. “Fishing must be the most expensive sport to get into but also the most rewarding” said Boyles. Fast forward to the last few years in which he has been a Co-Angler for part or all of a season on the FLW Tour. “The best learning experience an angler can have is fishing Co-Angler on a major tour, those pros mean business but, to see what a pro goes through in a tournament day is priceless!”
Boyles with a nice Okeechobee bass as a Co

Boyles with a nice Okeechobee bass as a Co

For the past season, Mike has been on the sidelines of fishing due to a great job of running Cat-5 cable for a franchise of nursing homes throughout the Midwest going South. Now waiting tables in Branson, Missouri, Boyles is not making enough money to pursue a career in tournament bass fishing.

In the past year of just trying to survive, he’s made many contacts in the Table Rock Lake area where he resides, including a local businessman that used to fish as well. In July of 2014, this local businessman asked Mike about what all is entailed in a title sponsor on a major fishing circuit. From July to September, fast forward to another conversation in which Mike and the local businessman discussed how his company could pay a fisherman. From that conversation, Mike was able to find a suitable contract for fishing from a friend and use it for his own. It was also discussed about the different bass tournament circuits and that there was a registration deadline months before the actual tournament starts.

In early November, Mike was able to sign a 3 year/3tour contract for to represent their start-up company on the tournament trail. Upon entering the home offices of on November 11, Mike was able to strike up a contract that will allow him to move from the uncertainty of the back deck to the front deck for at least 3 seasons of hardcore tournament fishing!
Starting in March, Mike will be fishing the FLW Tour, Rayovacs in Central Division, and the BASS Central Opens! “I’ve got a chance that we all dream of and I can’t say I’m the best out there when it comes to fishing but, I can definitely make a go of it because I don’t want them to put me back on the schedule if at all possible!”
Mike will be sporting a bright boat and truck wrap that states “Timeshare Refuge, Gettin’ you off the Hook” on the tournament trail this season and the next 2! “My best advice for an aspiring fisherman wanting to take the next step is to make sure it’s what you want with all the sacrifices between family and career,” said Boyles. “It sounds good in conversation but in reality it’s a dedication that can make or break relationships and jobs. Just remember life has it’s ups and downs so be ready emotionally for all of them. Just appreciate each and every day you can fish and be happy!”
You can follow Mike on Facebook at Mike Boyles Professional Angler.