Typhoon Cayucos Polarized Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is a necessity for any fisherman. I have worn multiple pairs of shades from numerous different companies. Over the last few months, however, I have been wearing and testing the Typhoon Cayucos. These are some of the nicest shades I have been able to get my hands on for fishing, and all for a price under $100. Some of the ways they most stood out to me included their durability, weight, and fitting.

photo 2 (2)Durability:

As fishermen, we tend to put a beating on just about every piece of equipment we own at times. Sunglasses are known to break at times, and so it is important that the pair I choose will last a while and hold up to some beatings. From what I have seen from the Cayucos, they are made of a plastic material that seems very durable. I have dropped them many times, without any scratches or marks showing yet. Another thing I like is that they don’t have any rubber parts on them. Whenever sunglasses have rubber on them, they tend to get really dirty and worn out after being put through a multitude of weather conditions. Overall, these seem to be made tough, and should last for many years. On top of all this, they feature a lifetime warranty.


One of the most important aspects of sunglasses to me is the actual weight. The Cayucos frame, being made of a nylon material, is lightweight and hardly noticeable when on your face. This also adds to the durability; they are so light that when you drop them on any surface, they should never have a hard enough impact to cause severe damage.


The next great thing about the Typhoon Cayucos is the fitting. They fit firmly around your head, but not too tight to cause discomfort. I can run down the lake at any speed and never fear they will fly off of my head. If you want to put them on your hat, they will also fit snugly around it and stay put throughout the day.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for a good pair of shades that doesn’t break the bank, the Typhoon Cayucos are a great choice. Not only will they hold up to years of fishing, they will also provide you a comfortable, nice-fitting pair of sunglasses that get the job done. See them here.