The Rod Condom

Rod Condom

The Rod Condom available in both spinning and casting models.

I recently received two rod covers made by The Rod Condom LLC to review. First impressions were great-they felt tough, yet light and flexible. After slipping them over my rods, I noticed they were also very tight-fitting, which is preferable for me so my equipment doesn’t tangle, whether in the rod locker, on the deck, or wherever it may be.


The Rod Condom has a few interesting features to it. First off, the ends of the covers are dipped in a rubber compound, which not only gives these covers a good look, but also gives them floating features. Unlike any other covers on the market, if you drop one of these sleeves over the side of the boat, you will be able to retrieve it (shown below). It only floats with the tip straight up, so I would suggest getting your rubber compound in a bright color. On top of all of these cool features, these covers are available for a very affordable price-$4.50. From what I have seen on the internet, that is probably as inexpensive as you can get for a quality rod cover.

rod condom floats

The Rod Condom floats!



Why They Will Benefit Co Anglers:

As a co angler, it is important to stay organized both on and off the water. Keeping your rods tangle-free in the boat, in your truck, or even at home, can save you a lot of time. With 10 different colors available, plus 7 different rubber coatings, you can make these covers unique to you or color-specific to different techniques. With the floating feature, you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing covers either.