Stearns Hybrid Fishing Vest – A Kayak Anglers Dream

Safety on the water is important for any angler, but for those fishing out of a small watercraft such as a kayak, it is an even higher priority. At the end of the day, you are not blessed with the stability and safety of a larger boat. This is why wearing a PFD (personal flotation device) is a necessity while paddling out to your next honey hole. When it came time for me to get a PFD, or life jacket, there were a few key factors that I felt were important-functionality, flotation capabilities, and storage.

Fishing with the Stearns Hybrid Fishing Vest. After putting it on, you won't even realize it is there!

Fishing with the Stearns Hybrid Fishing Vest. After putting it on, you won’t even realize it is there!

After browsing the web for a while, I came upon the Stearns Hybrid Fishing Vest (which you can view here), which caught my eye and met all of my requirements. I decided that this would be a good option, and made the purchase. After using it several times on the water, I am very happy with my choice and would recommend it to anyone fishing out of a kayak.


This PFD is made with range of motion as a priority, which makes it a great option for paddling, fishing, rigging, and anything else you would need to do on the water. This jacket is light, and almost unnoticeable after putting it on. Because it is adjustable, you can fit it to whatever body type you are, and assure the utmost comfort.

Flotation Capabilities

Basically, when it comes to life jackets, you are going to want one that is approved by the US Coast Guard. Being approved by the Coast Guard ensures that your jacket will keep you afloat if for some reason you were to fall in. Also, most states require that you have a Coast Guard approved PFD on board when out on a kayak. Fortunately, the Stearns is US Coast Guard approved, so you should never have an issue with it.


When it comes to fishing out of a kayak or other small watercraft, your storage is limited, so it is important to make the most out of all of your available space. Having pockets on your life jacket allows for quick access to items which you want to keep close by. The cool thing about the Stearns Hybrid Fishing Vest is that it features multiple pockets and loops for clips. My favorite pocket is the one on the front which folds down, giving you a nice area to hold baits as you rig them. I keep my cell phone in this pocket as well as soft plastics that I am having luck on.

Overall, there are a number of PFD’s on the market today, and many of which are great choices for kayak anglers. Make sure to find one that works well for you, and wear it, because safety on the water is something that should be a priority of all of ours. Check out the Stearns Hybrid Fishing Vest and if you are like me, you will love it!