Mojo Sportswear Super Tec Fishing Shorts

M-BS7600-charcoal_1024x1024Comfort is key on the water. During the summer months, anglers can be found in numerous different outfits to try to beat the heat. I was recently lucky enough to get to test out some really cool fishing shorts, literally. These shorts are not only functional with several pockets, but also very lightweight made from nylon material, which allows you to stay cool on the water. While out in my kayak yesterday, these shorts got wet multiple times, but are quick to dry, reminding me of board shorts or swimming trunks.

M-BS7600-khaki-45_1024x1024The Mojo-Gear Super Tec Technical Fishing Shorts feature front pockets, rear pockets, cargo pockets, and tool pockets. The front pockets are relatively small, but work great for items such as keys, cell phones, or other quick-access items. The back pockets feature velcro patches which allows you to secure your wallet or other items. The cargo pockets are perfect for a bag of plastics, hooks, or anything else you may want to keep at your side. Lastly-my favorite pockets on these shorts-the tool pockets. These are denier lined, so they are tougher, which makes them great for a knife, small pair of pliers, etc.

Other than the numerous functional pockets and comfort of the Super Tec fishing shorts, they also include a high-quality zipper, metal button (which is nice, as it can’t rip off like sewn-on buttons can), and lanyard clips.

Overall, for a pair of shorts, you really can’t beat the functionality of these for fishermen. With the various pockets for all your storage needs, lightweight high-quality materials, and a stylish look, you have all you need for your clothing needs on the water. One thing to note is that the waist runs just a bit small, so order one size larger than you usually would for the utmost comfort. Check these out at!