Dyna-Tek Rod and Reel Performance Kit

A new product has hit the bass market, which goes by the name of Dyna-Tek. It is a group of rod, reel, and line coatings designed to enhance the performance of your equipment. This product increases sensitivity and casting distance, as well as provides your equipment with anti-freezing properties. Below is a video explaining how to apply Dyna-Tek.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42eqcCQ2prQ]

After personally using this product, I noticed an immediate difference in the smooth feel of my rods. Upon getting on the water, I was impressed with the fact that while fishing in weather below 32 degrees fahrenheit, I had no icing problems with my rods or reels.

I believe that if you apply these coatings to your equipment, you will also notice a difference, and it might just be the difference needed to pick up a few extra fish throughout a tournament.