Charlie’s Worms Brush Buster

We have been tracking FLW Tour Co Angler Bryan New throughout the season, and through interviewing him, we have found out about his huge success with a certain bait… The Charlie’s Worms Brush Buster. We decided that we should review this bait to see why it’s so productive for him and how it can benefit all Co Anglers.

brush busterDescription:

The Brush Buster is a fairly bulky creature bait, measuring 5 inches with the tentacles laying flat, and about 6 after they are fully extended. What really stands out to me, however, is the scent; it is a very unique, somewhat fruity smell. The plastic has a pretty good balance of softness and strength, and the body of the bait is a little more narrow than a lot of creatures on the market, making for great hooksets.


The Brush Buster can be used in numerous ways-flipping, pitching, dragging, jig trailer, chatterbait trailer, etc. When I was throwing it, I dragged it along spawn banks and flipped it next to laydowns. The action is pretty subtle, with a slight kick from the two longest appendages.

How They Will Benefit Co Anglers:

Being such a versatile creature bait, this is a great bait for any Co Angler to keep in their boat. With such a unique scent that I feel makes a huge difference, I believe Cos will have a chance to catch fish their boater doesn’t. When testing it in my boat, it seemed to outperform other baits by a long shot. The fish also seemed to hold on for a long time, which led me to believe the scent appealed to bass. Whether you are flipping docks, fishing weedbeds, or dragging on shallow rock, you can’t go wrong with tying on a Brush Buster!

Watch this short video clip I put together of some fish I caught while field-testing the Brush Buster.