Boyles to go Pro in 2015

For the past couple of decades, Mike Boyles has fished from the front and back of the boat in everything from  Heartland Pro-Ams and Elites to the FLW Tour as a Co-Angler (on and off). After taking some time off fishing in his early 20’s, he’s been hit-and-miss depending on his income. “Fishing must be […]

Matt Arey talks Co-Angling

FLW Pro and former Co-Angler, Matt Arey, gives us his advice for Co-Anglers in this video. [youtube]

Randy Blaukat’s Advice for Co-Anglers

We caught up with Randy Blaukat at the Forrest Wood Cup Expo to hear some advice he has for Co-Anglers. Here is what he had to say! Thanks Randy! [youtube]

Casey Scanlon’s Most Memorable Co


From Co to Pro: Q&A with Clayton Batts

Clayton Batts fished on the FLW Tour as a Co Angler for two seasons (2012 & 2013) but recently made the switch to the Pro side for the 2014 season. We caught up with him to ask his advice for Co Anglers who someday want to fish as a Pro. FTB: When did you decide […]

Reaching Goals – Patrick Bone

By: Patrick Bone Over the past two years, people have asked me “ When are you going to the front?” They are obviously talking about fishing on the pro side of the Tour. This coming 2014 season will be the answer. Fishing as a pro on a tour level has always been my goal. This year […]

From Co to Pro: Q&A with FLW Tour Pro Casey Martin

We caught up with Casey Martin, FLW Tour Pro, and asked him some questions on what it has been like making the switch from the back deck to the front. FTB: When did you know it was time to go pro? Casey: After winning my third FLW Tour event as a co angler on Kentucky Lake […]