Scaling down your rods as a Co-Angler

How many rods do you need for a Bass tournament?  That is an age-old question that has a simple answer… ALL OF THEM!  Usually this is not an issue if you’re running your own boat, but if you’re a Co-Angler, you do not have this luxury.  You have to get the maximum performance and flexibility […]

Tackle-Limitations and Preparations by Destin DeMarion

We all see the big bass being held up on stage and the cheers of the fans, but do we all know what truly goes on behind the scenes to make that happen?  There are hours upon hours of preparation, tournament study, and careful planning.  As bass fishermen, we are inherently “tackle junkies.”  We are […]

Less is More

By Wyatt Hammond “Less is more” is a philosophy that I have begun to lean on pretty heavily after looking back on a string of particularly bad tournaments that I experienced last year. I was bringing seven to eight rods to each tournament and spent much of the days digging through my boxes changing lures […]