2015 FLW Rayovac Lake Champlain Recap

By Mike Mueller I love the camaraderie of our sport! People’s willingness to help never ceases to amaze me! The second leg of the NE Rayovac up at Lake Champlain, NY started like most of my tournaments have this season…trying to figure out how I was going to be successful and catch fish on a […]

Summer Dock Fishing Tips for Co’s

By Mike Mueller Dock fishing for a Co-Angler in the summer provides a special set of challenges, but if you know how to approach this situation with a clear head and a good mental attitude, you can be successful even behind the best dock fishermen. The first thing to understand are the types of docks that […]

2015 FLW Rayovac James River Recap – Mike Mueller

By Mike Mueller Sometimes fishing needs a little magic in addition to skill. As Co-Anglers, we are always exposed to new and unexpected challenges. Pair that with fishing a body of water you’ve never made a cast on, and the challenges multiply greatly! This was exactly what I was faced with during my opening event […]

Go-To Baits for Ledge Fishing – Braxton Setzer

After the spawning season is over, the bass are getting ready to leave the shallow water on a lot of lakes. As these fish move out, so do our Pro’s who are running the boat. While different boaters may try different strategies, a lot of them are going to head to the ledges, especially on TVA Lakes. […]

FLW Rayovac Grand Lake Recap

By Steven Meador I recently competed in my first FLW Rayovac series tournament, which took place at Grand Lake, Oklahoma on April 16-18. This tournament was not a great one for Co-Anglers because the majority of the Pros were targeting bedding fish. With that being said, I was fortunate enough to walk away with a […]

Schnupp Wins Hartwell BFL

My name is Mike Schnupp. I am Active Duty Air Force. I currently fish the FLW BFL Savannah River Division as a Co-Angler. We just wrapped up stop number four out of five events on Lake Hartwell. I am going to tell you a little about my blessed day on the water… The day started […]

Dale Hollow Recap – Shawn Overton

Well the first BFL in the mountain division has come and gone. First I would like to say if you haven’t been to Dale Hollow lake, do yourself a favor and plan a trip. Dale Hollow is one of the most scenic lakes I’ve ever visited. With that said, lets get to the fishing! The […]

New Year, New Challenges – Mike Mueller

As I look to a new year of contributing to Fishing The Back, this year will be full of new and difficult challenges, most notably my move to a completely different part of the country, accompanied by a poorly-timed shoulder injury that required an early-season surgery. Each new season, anglers face many new and tough challenges. […]

The Past, The Present, and The Future

The Past, the Present and the Future By: Mark Howard The Past: I cannot tell you in words how incredible it was to fish the FLW Tour in 2014 as a Co-Angler, and on top of that, to qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup. With one win and 3 top 10’s over the past three years […]

Fishing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Shawn Overton

Fishing out of our comfort zone… Most of us don’t like to do it. Whether you get caught up fishing yesterday’s pattern or you can’t seem to put down your favorite spinnerbait, stepping away from these “comfort zones” may help you finish higher on the leader board. Some might call it hardheadedness, but most of us […]