Flipping & Pitching as a Co

By FLW Tour Co-Angler Kyle Monti (Find him on Facebook and Instagram) One of the most consistent patterns for catching quality tournament fish is known among fisherman as “Flipping” and/or “Pitching”. These techniques can be used to entice both finicky bass from the most pressured waters, and aggressive bass that roam the shallows for an […]

Deep Presentations From The Back

By Andrew McClintock (See website here and Facebook page here) Fishing deep from the back can be a challenge for Co-Anglers depending on how they look at and approach the situation. We are not just along for the ride hoping to get a bite; we are there to compete as well. That is why it […]

4 Reaction Baits Every Angler Needs For Submerged Grass

As Co Anglers, we are often faced with fishing situations that we wouldn’t necessarily prefer. Sometimes your boater can cover a lot of water in a hurry, and trying to finesse up a bite can be difficult. That is when you need to pick up a bait that you can keep moving and make hundreds […]

Fishing A Finesse Grub

By Alex Kolody Presented by Lunkerbite TV You may think a finesse grub only works in certain areas of the lake- more of an open water and weed-line type technique? You are only partially correct. You can throw a finesse grub just about anywhere you want in the country, and in about any situation. All you […]

Maximizing Fishing Time – Bryan New

By: Bryan New As a co angler, most of the major decisions are out of your control. You have to fish the water the boater wants to fish, you are positioned where the boater positions you, and you have no idea where you will go next. On top of all of this, you are fishing […]

Going for the Big Bite – Destin DeMarion

Big baits, heavy cover, stout rods, and strong line. These are the things we think about when we consider big fish tactics. As a co angler, opportunities to catch these big fish are going to be much narrower than our boaters. Therefore, we need to be able to capitalize on these opportunities. In this article, […]

Cold Water Preparation – Mike Mueller

As a Co-angler, many things are out of your control. However, when it comes to preparing yourself to fish a cold-weather tournament and ensuring that you stay warm all day, everything is in your hands. The obvious message of this article is layering. This is a basic that most of us are aware of, but […]

Drop Shot, A Co’s Best Friend – Jason Johnson

The sissy stick, the fairy wand- well what I call it is a money maker! Obviously, I’m talking about the finesse fishing game with light spinning equipment. Whether fishing from the front or back, the drop shot is my number one presentation, and if you don’t throw one too, you’re leaving money on the table! […]

The Importance of Good Netting – Mike Schnupp

As a co angler, you have a responsibility of netting your pro’s bass when they need you to. It is important to be experienced and comfortable netting fish, or you could have an awkward day on the water. You don’t want to be known as the guy who cost his pro a keeper, a check, […]

Targeting Different Water Columns – Marc Henderson

Doing things different than the guy in the front is common knowledge among co anglers. We are left to think about, and make these adjustments while on the water. This isn’t always easy to do, and it sometimes involves using a technique that may not be your strongest. Changing up your presentation and targeting a […]