How to Fish the Ned Rig – Video


Quick Swim Jig Tips – Bailey Boutries

Bailey Boutries One of my all time favorite lures and technique is swimming a jig. It seems no matter where I go, or what the conditions may be, I can catch them on it. You may not always catch numbers, but most of the time you will catch good quality fish. When the water temperature […]

Follow That Frog With A Fluke!

This time of the year, there are generally two main ways to catch bass. Fishing structure out deep for schooling fish. Fishing shallow cover such as docks or vegetation to catch bass looking for shady ambush points. When it comes to the latter option, I can’t say that I have met a bass fisherman who […]

The Importance of Accurate Casts

As I was walking around the local pond this evening catching a few bass, I observed a couple of young teenagers excitedly doing the same. This made me ponder the past several years and think back to when I was that age. From my first rod/reel purchase with my own money (a cheap Shakespeare/Ugly Stik combo) to learning how […]

All About Angles

By Ethan Dhuyvetter, I recently fished in my very last FLW College Fishing tournament for Kansas State University, which happened to be the National Championship held at Lake Keowee, South Carolina. While College Fishing events are set up in the team format, I realized some valuable information during this event which is also applicable to fishing as […]

Summer Dock Fishing Tips for Co’s

By Mike Mueller Dock fishing for a Co-Angler in the summer provides a special set of challenges, but if you know how to approach this situation with a clear head and a good mental attitude, you can be successful even behind the best dock fishermen. The first thing to understand are the types of docks that […]

Go-To Baits for Ledge Fishing – Braxton Setzer

After the spawning season is over, the bass are getting ready to leave the shallow water on a lot of lakes. As these fish move out, so do our Pro’s who are running the boat. While different boaters may try different strategies, a lot of them are going to head to the ledges, especially on TVA Lakes. […]

Fall Jerkbaits – Shawn Overton

One of the most overlooked lures during the fall transition is a jerkbait. Fall is a great time to get on the water and chase schooling bass. When the water temps start to dip around the 60 degree mark, I’ll tie on a jerkbait. When everyone else is throwing reaction baits, like topwater walking baits, spinnerbaits, […]

Okeechobee Winning Patterns with Bryan Jones

On September 28 2014, the Florida B.A.S.S. Federation Nation went to Lake Okeechobee. Florida Fishing The Back contributor Bryan Jones took home another victory with 13 pounds as a Co Angler at this event. This win makes it his 12th tournament win this year! We caught up with him to hear how he caught his […]

Finesse Swimbaits

By Andrew Owens Fishing from the back can be difficult at times and all co-anglers together have the same goal in mind-get five keeper bites. A limit goes a long way from the back of the boat and one of the best ways to fill a limit is through finesse techniques. One technique that I […]