Don’t Be Afraid – David Garren

We all have our “go-to” confidence baits that always seem to put fish in the boat. The ones we usually start with or end with while trying to put the best five on the scale.  Well, what do you do when those confidence baits are not working?  This article is to help you “not be […]

The Importance of Good Netting – Mike Schnupp

As a co angler, you have a responsibility of netting your pro’s bass when they need you to. It is important to be experienced and comfortable netting fish, or you could have an awkward day on the water. You don’t want to be known as the guy who cost his pro a keeper, a check, […]

Versatility and Confidence – Michael May

Michael May recently won an FLW Bass Fishing Leauge event on the Barren River in Scottsville, KY. After getting a hold of him, not only did he tell us how he won it, he gave some very beneficial tips for any co angler. Versatility is one huge factor to becoming a great co angler. One […]

Turning a “Bad Draw” into a Good Finish – Destin DeMarion

Whether a new Co-Angler or a seasoned veteran, at some point you will hear the phrase, “I had a bad draw.”  It becomes the go-to for many frustrated Co-Angler’s after having a tough day on the water.  However, that mindset can have you beat from the start.  I have heard a lot of people, even […]

Staying Versatile and Fishing the Conditions with Destin DeMarion

As a Co-Angler, your skills will be tested in a variety of conditions that will sometimes take you out of your so-called “comfort zone”.  Whether it’s fishing for a different species of bass, going from deep to shallow, or switching from power fishing to finesse tactics, you need to be ready for anything.  If you […]

Words of Wisdom from FLW Tour Co Robert Hicks

An open mind and a closed mouth… This is what helps me out of the back of the boat. I have been blessed to have several mentors in this sport. When I decided to fish as a Co, I sat down with a good friend Ott Defoe and picked his brain on what he expected out of […]

Catching Fish Clean – Patrick Bone

A lot of people may wonder how co anglers catch fish behind some of the best pros in the business. I would like to share with you what has worked for me. The absolute most important thing is to fish your pro clean. Casting to the front or trying to beat the pro to his intended […]