Schnupp Wins Hartwell BFL

My name is Mike Schnupp. I am Active Duty Air Force. I currently fish the FLW BFL Savannah River Division as a Co-Angler. We just wrapped up stop number four out of five events on Lake Hartwell. I am going to tell you a little about my blessed day on the water…

The day started off pouring down rain. My boater had plans to bed fish the majority of the day. We made about a twenty minute run to the spot, when he saw a point that nobody was on. He said he was in shock that no one was on that point as it is a well-known point on the lake. As soon as we pulled up, he had one hooked up on a lipless crankbait. I was throwing the Gambler Lures Super Stud in White Lightening, on a 6’6” MH fast action Duckett Micro Magic rod teamed up with a Ardent Apex Elite Reel. My boater had one come off and then I hooked up with my 1st keeper, then he caught another. This point was fire, and I caught three more keeper fish to include a 2 ½ plus pound spotted bass.


Gambler Lures Super Stud in White Lightening

The reason I chose this bait was due to the fact that the fish were in a spawn/post spawn pattern. I knew that if we hit some points that I should have this particular bait tied on. The herring will start to spawn and pull up on the points. The bass are coming off the beds and are hungry, so it’s an easy way for the bass to pull out to the edge of the cove and get a meal. I prefer the White Lightening color just for the simple fact that I have had success on that bait.

Around 7:45 am, the bite had shut down so we picked up and moved. We went into a cove looking for some bedding fish. It was very hard to see anything due to the rain so we moved again. We made a quick stop on another point and I caught my 5th keeper on the Super Stud. We moved again and pulled into another cove looking for bedding bass. My boater pulled deep into the cove; I turned around and made a cast to a grass and sand point with a Big Lewers Hulu grub. I felt a small tap, tap; almost like a bream bite. I pulled up and didn’t feel any tension so I shook the bait again. I felt another small tap, tap so I set the hook and it was almost a 5lb largemouth. I was throwing 15lb braid with a 7lb fluorocarbon leader on a 7ft M fast action Duckett Ghost with a Ardent Bolt spinning reel. It seamed like forever to get her in the boat. I finally landed her and culled out a 13 inch spotted bass. This was around 9:00 am. I chose this particular bait due to success with it and last year on this lake, I had several bites on it and had the chance to win the event but lost a 4+ lb largemouth.

Big Lewers Hulu Grub

Big Lewers Hulu Grub

Last year one thing I learned the hard way was to always make sure you have enough of your baits with you. I didn’t double check before I left the house on Friday and ran out. I wasn’t about to let that happen this year. We left and stopped at another point before heading into another cove. I caught another keeper spotted bass. She wasn’t big enough to cull out. We then ran to another cove. The rain had started to calm by now. I saw a dark spot in the water and threw the Hulu Grub to it and caught a 4lb largemouth and culled out another 13 inch spotted bass. It was around 9:45 am at this time. I did not have another bite the rest of the day.

We were boat number 97 and due in at 4:00 pm, so as you can imagine that was the longest 6 hours ever. We got to the scales and I estimated I had around 11lbs or so. I looked at the leaderboard and saw that my buddy was leading with 14-06. I figured he had it won since 2nd place had 13-01. At this time I figured I had a good day and should get a top 5 out of it. I went across the stage and the Tournament Director said pretty nice bag. The way I took it is that I had a nice bag to have a solid finish. I then hear the words every angler loves to hear, “new leader!”  My bag weighed in at 14 lbs 15 oz. There were about twenty guys left to weigh in so I didn’t want to get too excited just yet. I then was notified that I won. I was just amazed that I had seven keeper bites and the winning bag before 10am! This day definitely was a blessing. There’s no other way to describe it.


Years Co: 4

Circuits Fished: ABA, FLW Bass Fishing League

Favorite Technique: Power shaky head

Hobbies Aside from Fishing: Hunting and sports

Sponsors: G2 GeminiBig Lewers, Man vs. Bass Clothing, Gambler Lures, Huk Gear, Tactical 16, Blue Water LED, Wiley X, Orca Coolers, Greenfish Tackle, Duckett Fishing, Ardent Reels