FLW Rayovac Grand Lake Recap

By Steven Meador

I recently competed in my first FLW Rayovac series tournament, which took place at Grand Lake, Oklahoma on April 16-18. This tournament was not a great one for Co-Anglers because the majority of the Pros were targeting bedding fish. With that being said, I was fortunate enough to walk away with a second place finish. When your boater is sight-fishing, it can be a struggle to put together a limit of fish, but there are a few good strategies which I used throughout this tournament which enabled me to catch 5 solid fish per day.

Each day of the tournament, my Pros were targeting bed fish at some point throughout the day. Once my boater was locked on fishing a specific bed, I tried to make long parallel casts down the bank behind us. I focused my efforts on that 8 to 10 ft depth range. Grand was unusually clear this time of year and there were a lot of deeper beds. I would make repetitive casts, hopping and dragging as slow as I could stand. The bite was very light and hard to detect. That is why I used high quality equipment to ensure that I hooked and landed all of my fish.

I was mostly using a Carolina Rig and a finesse worm throughout this tournament, but also mixed in a Texas Rigged Zoom Brush Hog. For the Carolina Rig, I chose a 7-4 Mike Mcclelland Falcon Cara, Ardent Apex high speed reel, spooled with 16lb Sunline Super FC Sniper as a main line and a 12lb Sunline Super Natural Mono leader. Depending on the location and how long of casts I needed, I switched between a ½ and ¾ sinker. Lures varied between brush hogs, speed craws and creature baits. This setup allowed me to make long casts and drive the hook into the bass’ mouths whenever I got a bite.

sm1As far as the finesse worm goes, I opted for a spinning setup. I went with a 6’9 G-Loomis Bronzeback Series rod, with a spinning reel spooled up with Sunline 16lb SX1 Braid and a 7lb Super FX Sniper leader. I rigged this on a 3/16oz shaky head, and the particular bait was a Zoom Trick Worm in Green Pumpkin.

Overall, I ended up with a 3-day total of 38lbs, 5oz. This was an awesome event and I would like to thank FLW for running it so smoothly. If you are faced with a Pro who is sight-fishing and targeting fish on beds, try slow moving baits over the back of the boat and you should be able to pick up some quality fish. I hope this article helped you!


Circuits Fished: FLW

Years Co: 9

Favorite Technique: Cranking

Hobbies away from Fishing: I love to golf and hunt

Sponsors: State Farm, Ranger Boats, MercuryBass X, Sunline, Ardent Reels, Central Mortgage Company