Dale Hollow Recap – Shawn Overton

Well the first BFL in the mountain division has come and gone. First I would like to say if you haven’t been to Dale Hollow lake, do yourself a favor and plan a trip. Dale Hollow is one of the most scenic lakes I’ve ever visited. With that said, lets get to the fishing!

The cold weather just wouldn’t quit again this spring. With all the late winter storms, the water temperature was barely in the 50’s at take off. Luckily, with all the melt-off and rain the week prior, the upper end of the lake had quite a bit of stain to it. After three straight days of rain, the sun decided to make an appearance on Saturday. This had the water temperature around 56 by the end of the day. With all the high and bright skies, it really made for a tough bite. I ended up catching four keeper fish on four different baits, and didn’t catch my first keeper until 11:15.

My first fish was caught along a bluff wall on a Marv Miller flippin’ jig in green pumpkin. It was a sight for sore eyes to watch my line take off to the side and feel the thump of a largemouth. My second fish was on a jerk bait. I had to work it on a long pause, and if it wasn’t for my Kistler Helium jerk bait rod, I wouldn’t have felt the bite. I was fishing in 10 ft of water along a sloping bank.

Now that it was afternoon, my boater wanted to go flippin’. We made about a 15 minute run to the back of a creek where the water went from 25′ to 6′. We hit the bank and went to work. As soon as I saw the area, I noticed a lot of lay downs with a little wind pushing through. I instantly thought spinnerbait, and within 20 minutes, I boated my third keeper. Now I felt I was getting somewhere, and was feeling better about how the day was going. After trying to duplicate this in two other areas we made another run.

IMG_2301When we pulled up to what must have been our 50th spot (okay, that might be an exaggeration but hey, I am a fisherman after all), I noticed that every fish I  have in the box was caught on a different lure. And every spot we would only catch one or two fish on it. So I decided to fish something I haven’t thrown yet, a Carolina Rig. And on the second cast, BAM, I had a nice keeper on. It was my fourth fish of the day.

Even though I never caught a fifth fish, I stayed focused all day and fished to the last minute. I tried techniques that I’m not very comfortable with and stuck with them. The tournament drew about 180 boats. Quite a lot of fish where weighed in. My four fish ended up weighing 8 pounds and 12 oz. which has me tied for 33rd place after the first tournament and looking forward to the next event, April 25th at Dale Hollow lake. Tight lines and try something outside your comfort zone; you never know what you’ll learn!


Circuits fished:  Flw Rayovac, Flw BFL, and local club events

Years co:  Two years in the BFL and one year in the Rayovac

Favorite technique:  Flipping a jig

Hobbies:  Spending time with my family and playing hockey

Sponsors:  Livingston Lures and Chit Chat Chaw Resort