The Importance of Accurate Casts

As I was walking around the local pond this evening catching a few bass, I observed a couple of young teenagers excitedly doing the same. This made me ponder the past several years and think back to when I was that age. From my first rod/reel purchase with my own money (a cheap Shakespeare/Ugly Stik combo) to learning how to throw a baitcaster, my teenage days were filled with many pond bass and hopes of someday competing against the Bassmaster Elite Pros.

Obviously, the competing with Elite Pros has not happened yet, but I am happy to say I have fished with a few. That is good enough for me.

When it came to fishing the many farm ponds located in the northeastern part of Kansas, it was pretty simple – throw a senko next to a piece of brush and wait. I had definitely made it more difficult at times, but only due to the burning desire to learn and understand every single bait on the free market. Unfortunately, I must admit that I have not perfected every lure out there, let alone in my tackle box. What I will tell you is that over those years, I have discovered a talent far greater… Accuracy.

Whether shallow or deep, accurate casts will up your odds!

Whether shallow or deep, accurate casts will up your odds!

I know what you all are thinking,”Duh, everyone knows that an accurate cast is invaluable to bass fishermen.” This is a statement that I would agree with, but I would not agree that every bass fisherman has this skill down. It has generally been left behind with the excitement and glamour of new equipment or techniques. What I would challenge Co-Anglers to do is to put aside the equipment, techniques, and any other bass fishing hype, and focus more on the basics.

Think about it this way… Whether you are up the river flipping behind Andy Morgan, off on a ledge fishing deep behind Randy Haynes, or simply just going down the bank in a club tournament, an accurate cast is always going to put you in a better position to catch a fish. A sparkly new lure with all the gadgets may also help, but if you aren’t getting it in front of their nose, chances are you aren’t feeling a tug on your line.

With all of this said, this article wouldn’t be complete without information to help you. Here are the secrets to becoming a better, more accurate caster. Practice, practice, practice.

Hope this article made you remember that some of the most simple aspects to this sport may be of the most value, especially when you are behind another angler. Good luck out there!