Adam Tucker’s Tips for Success

Fishing as a co angler can be very fun, but also very challenging. You can learn so much from fishing with different boaters and watching how they fish and what different techniques they use. Watching my boater has helped me in countless tournaments. I have learned to always watch where the boater casts, and if he misses a spot that looks like it might hold fish, I will cast to it when I get the opportunity. This technique has helped me a lot especially when we were fishing docks.

There are two baits I always have tied on and that is a shaky head and a drop shot. I have these tied on just about every lake I fish. When I fish a shaky head, I use 8-10 pound fluorocarbon line on a spinning rod. When I am fishing a drop shot, I also use a spinning rod, but with 6-8 pound fluorocarbon. Some people like to have braid with a fluorocarbon leader, but I have had more success with straight fluorocarbon. Use the line you are comfortable with and have the most confidence in.

When my boater has a graph in the back, I always have my drop shot handy and I watch the graph for fish. If you don’t know how to read a graph, make sure you learn how to read it accurately so you will be prepared. I have done well dropping to them and it is a great way to get a limit quick. If the boater leaves the graph on down scan, just keep watching it closely and when you mark small faint lines, that will be the fish. I had to do that one time because my boater had left the graph on down scan all day, but I just kept dropping to those small faint lines and I caught some decent fish doing it.

Sometimes, your boater may not have a graph on the back or maybe won’t turn it on. When I’m not marking any fish on the back graph or I don’t have a graph to look at, most of the time I will throw a shaky head, jerkbait, or a crankbait and I will get some bites. In the spring, when they are biting a jerkbait, I will throw it directly behind the boat and work it while the boater is trolling along and I let the boat pick up the slack before I jerk. I have caught many quality fish while doing this in the spring. And when you’re boater may be fishing for bed fish in the spring and has you hung out, remember to keep throwing out the back toward the deeper water. I have done well throwing a shaky head out back when there is no other places for me to cast. A weightless wacky worm works well in situations like that too. It’s always good to be respectful, kind, and give your boater plenty of room. Your boater will pay you back with the same things. You can get so much experience fishing as a Co-Angler and learn a lot in the process. It has definitely made me a better fisherman.

Now, obviously these tips aren’t for one specific situation, but they are techniques that have helped me throughout my experience as a co angler. It is important to develop your own style as an angler and gain confidence in certain techniques, as I have the drop shot and shaky head. When all else fails, go to your confidence baits, and you will likely catch some fish.


Circuits fished: FLW BFL Savannah River Division

Years co: 1

Favorite technique: Drop-Shotting

Hobbies aside from fishing: Deer hunting, Turkey hunting, and being a host on my fishing and hunting show-North Georgia Outdoors

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